“The best stories do not come from ‘good versus bad’ the best tale is created from ‘good versus good’ “- Leo Tolstoy.

A delightful and heart-moving account,  KAPELIS “THE HATMAKER”  defines human emotions at their finest.

Kapelis is from generations of hat-makers.

The Kapelis families were decent people.

Journey through an anthology of modern Europe seen through the eyes of an ordinary family living through extraordinary times.

The ceaseless struggle to return democracy back to the land of democracy’s birth.

The moral protection of the Jewish people by Orthodox Hellenes against the pogrom inflicted on the Jews by the vile machinery of the evil Nazis in Modern Greece.

A man whose motherland then ached from civil war, dictatorship, bankruptcy, endless adversity and utter evil.

Justice prevails for Kapelis by applying ‘good versus good’ to cure his pain from living through a century of injustices.

‘Please come with me and enjoy this journey’ – Andreas Kappa



I just finished reading your book this morning at 10am Sunday 27th August 2017. My feeling right now is more sadness than happiness for the grand father’s win in the court of justice in the end. I feel for the pain and suffering he and his forefathers endured over the long and violent history of his country . He was a brilliant an honest man. A man of honour, integrity and wisdom, willing to sacrifice his life to defend them all. I admire his strength to have survived all the atrocities dealt to him by the corrupt regimes in authority. He took all physical and psychological abuse but survived it all to fight back and win in a court of law in the end. Justice did prevail for him after all and he knew all along that it would.

An easy and interesting book that kept me awake!


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A very easy to read account of Greek modern history I was unaware.

The interplay of the generations of a family living an intriguing history in modern times is most enjoyable reading.The injustice suffered by the man Kapelis in his lifetime is unthinkable yet true.

The humor, the charged emotions and the goodness despite badness makes you believe in humanity. The book is full of good passion fighting injustice.

I really loved how the hat in the story symbolizes justice and justices prevailing over adversity.

Finally, the book is written without swear words so children over 12 years old can also read the book without a parent being worried about inappropriate and lewd use of language or suggestions and it is very educational.

A must read for those who love the written word. Well done to the author – an excellent read.

I most highly recommend it.

Kapelis “the Hatmaker” is pure genius. Very well written. Excellent story line. Engaging characters. Fascinating and vivid historical context and backdrop. Pay attention Hollywood. Kapelis “the Hatmaker” deserves to be converted into a screenplay – this is your next blockbuster Trilogy. Can’t wait to see more from Andreas Kape.

– Anonymous
August 21, 2017

Andrew Kappa has written an exceptional book, Kapelis “the hatmaker” is a must read for all those who love, honour and value history, family values and an ending that will take your breath away. Once I picked this book up, I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished the whole book. This is a book that the whole family can enjoy.

– Anonymous
August 22, 2017

I can genuinely recommend Kapelis “the hatmaker” to everyone. This is an engaging read that really makes you think. It will draw out your emotions and warm your heart.

– Anonymous

The US Review of Books

Kapelis “the Hatmaker”
by Andreas Kappa
reviewed by Lee Ware
“The atmosphere was electric. Greeks were meeting in secret everywhere.”
In clear and concise prose, Kappa delivers over two centuries of history from the continent of Europe. Unadorned with sentimentality, the writing reads muscular and passionate without any trace of overt manipulation. The author delivers story and action with a deft hand, choosing words for a meticulous and polished style. The reader feels the power of human emotions as the narrative spans the lifetimes of the Kapelis. The book showcases the enduring strength of family set against some of Europe’s most atrocious crimes, including the horrific holocaust of the Jews.
In a wonderfully organized fashion, each chapter lists the place and year so that the reader may pick a point in history and jump in to catch up with the lives of the Kapelis. The story arc takes the reader on a linear journey of old-fashioned and decent people, reminding one of the humility and courage often missing from modern times. The Kapelis were skilled hat makers who made hats for the rich and powerful families of Europe. This was a seemingly simple profession—but one that allowed the family proximity to many important figures involved in wars and revolutions.
Through the losses and gains experienced by the Kapelis, the reader is sure to be moved on this long, emotional odyssey. The historical markers lend context to the deeply personal story played out by the generations of the Kapelis. The turmoil and upheaval throughout Greece’s history make for an exhilarating and poignant setting for this stunning tale to unfold. Kappa’s chronology is sure to dazzle his readers for generations to come.

Goodreads Reviews

Kindly sent a copy through Goodreads by the publishers to read I became immersed in the story of the Kapelis family through the fascinating history of Greece. Particularly emotive was the part many took in assisting Jews during the World War 2 . The accounts through the generations of struggles, successes and failures played on the senses, feeling as if you were part of the unfolding tapestry of this wonderful country.

The unexpected scene in the court room at the conclusion of the book had tears running down my cheeks. What a family, what a story, what a must-read.

– reviewed by Jean Vaughan

Kapelis “the Hatmaker”