About the Author

The story was told by the humble old man in his eighties to the young author during his first journey to Greece visiting his grandfather in the village cradled by the high mountaintops of the Peloponnese .

Keeping his notes for over 20 years, the author matured and was then inspired by the old man’s voice from the tomb resonating through the handwritten notes he had taken as a young man.

Andreas Kappa could only write this story to share with you after he had experienced life, all facets of human emotion and  had the wisdom to tell the tale with care, skill and, above all, the deepest of love for his forefathers.

Andreas wants to take your hand and show you the beauty of the written word coming to life.

Pericles of Ancient Greece best summarizes how Andreas feels about telling this tale – “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

 Andreas Kappa hopes to weave into the lives of his readers the richness of a man’s life that will inspire the reader to strive for goodness and not take joy in ambition and combativeness as second nature in our modern world of technology today.

Kapelis “the Hatmaker”